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Aqualabo was created in 2007 to form an economic model dedicated to Water Testing with a 60-strong staff in 3 regions of France and on 3 continents (America / Europe / Asia).

AQUALABO is specialized in the design and manufacture of innovative technological solutions dedicated to water quality control. Driven by a workforce of 60 employees in 3 regions of France and on 3 continents (America / Europe / Asia), AQUALABO offers a range of French-made equipment and reagents.

It manufacturers water quality sensors based on Physical-chemical measurement principles, laboratory or field spectrophotometers including Visible/UV technologies, water analysis reagents, portable or stationary samplers, a whole range of channels, thresholds and overflow devices.

Aqualabo is also well-established internationally through a network of distributors selected for their professionalism in the water quality field and thusdelivers to all continents and to more than 60 different countries each year.Our distributors are your contact people, and as such, are our priority.

Aqualabo’s aim is to meet every demand from the simplest to the most elaborate. To do this, we have an engineering department that develops your water analysis laboratories, as well as your water control facilities. Based on our products and a few additions we can rise to the challenge of your requirements.

The “Aqualabo spirit” of our products is primarily based on the needs of our customers:

Simplicity, Cost-effectiveness after installation, Low energy consumption, capacity to be integrated/open source, smart, communicating, chemical and electronic waste control.

AQUALABO opted for digital technologies a few years ago to meet all these needs. Our digital sensors greatly reduce installation costs because they can be directly connected to any remote management device, display or logger.

Our precise, competitive spectrophotometers come in a screenless version as part of our overall approach to sustainable development and control of electronic waste.

Our laboratory analysis solutions and on-line control without reagents also make it possible to contribute actively to reducing the production of chemical waste while taking advantage of the latest technological advances in the UV field.

Our chemical analysis kits are simplistic, designed for non-chemists and competitively priced too.









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