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Medical & Pharmaceutical Sector

ALKHORA  deals with an extensive range of high-value products for the benefit of our loyal customer base. Surgical Products, Nursing Consumables, Anesthesia and Respiratory Products, Incontinence & Urology Products, X Ray Devices, Sterilization Products CSSD Products), Infection Control Products, Orthopedic Products, Emergency & First Aid Products, Laboratory Consumables, Wound Care Products, Radiology Products, Dental Consumables, IV Solutions, Linen, Uniforms & Shoes, Medical Furniture, Medical Equipment, Surgical & Dental Instruments.

Our Partners


Electron Microscopy Instruments Workflow Solutions

Innovative instruments combined with advanced software suites

Glacios Cryo-TEM for Life Sciences


Small Footprint

Flexible Accelerating Voltage 80-200 kV

High Brightness X-FEG Electron Gun

Krios G4 Cryo-TEM for Life Sciences

Improved ergonomics

Fits more easily into new and existing labs

Maximized productivity and automation

Best image quality for high-resolution 3D reconstruction

Talos Arctica TEM for Life Sciences

Increased data acquisition speed

High data with robotic sample handling & automated loading

Unattended platform operation and automated data acquisition

Low cost of ownership with remote diagnostics and preventive service

Aquilos 2 Cryo-FIB for Life Sciences


In-Situ Cryo-Lamellas Preparation

Fully Rotatable Cryo-Stage

Software for Image Correlation and Lamellas Preparation

Vitrobot for Life Sciences

Fully Automated Sample vitrification

Blotting Device

Semi-Automated Grid Transfer

High Sample Throughput

Amira Software for Life Sciences

Support for multi-data/view/channel

Interactive high-quality visualization

Machine Learning-based segmentation

Intuitive recipe creation

Tomography 4.0 Software

On-the-fly Reconstruction Algorithm

Fully Automatic TEM and STEM Acquisition

One-Time Calibration

Easy workflow from data to structure

EPU Software

Microscope-embedded solution for single particle acquisition

Optimized for high-throughput particle collection

Compatible with film, CCD cameras, and direct electron detectors

Talos L120C for Life Sciences

Increased stability

Multiple auto-functions

Quick sample exchange with robust vacuum system

High-quality cryo-imaging

Falcon 4 Detector

Leading detective quantum efficiency

10x shorter exposure time than its predecessor

Fully embedded in Thermo Scientific software

Built in data management

VolumeScope 2 SEM

Ability to reuse jobs and system settings 

Create multiple ROI

Ability to perform large 3D volume acquisition unattended

Reliable acquisition on charging samples with both HiVac and LoVac

Ceta D Camera

Optimum performance at any high tension (20–300 kV)

Compatible with post-column filters and spectrometers

Movie acquisition for dynamic studies

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