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MCZ has more than 20 years of experience in the construction and manufacture of apparatuses and systems in the area of gas analysis and related fields. MCZ develops and manufacturers devices and systems for end customers as well as OEM systems.

MCZ provides gas analysis calibration systems – from manual gas blenders to computer-controlled quality assurance laboratories including zero gas treatment apparatuses as well as software to evaluate measured data and “Lab Information and Management System” software (LIMS).

A great variety of dust and measuring gas collectors – from compact small devices to high volume samplers with automatic sample exchangers – are developed and marketed by MCZ for the area of laboratory analysis.



Compressed Air Treatment and Zero Gas Systems

Systems to treat and purify process and zero gas for labs, test gas systems, analyzers and process and industrial working gas

Gas & Dust Collectors

  • Automated collectors for gases, single and multi-channel.
  • Low volume sampler for dust sampling acc. to EN 12341 (optional) with automatic switching to the filters to be used.
  • High volume sampler up to 68 m³ / h (optional) with sample exchanger

Gas Compunding / Gas Analysis Calibration Systems

  • Standard devices for the manual setting of gas mixtures
  • Standard devices for zero and end-point determination of analyzers in automated measuring systems and measuring networks
  • Interlaboratory test facilities and calibration systems for the quality assurance lab and technical gas analysis service with corresponding control and evaluation software
  • Primary standard for the determination of ozone
  • Primary standard with static injection

Specialized Systems

Calibration systems and test benches/inspection stations for a variety of special applications – for example:

  • Measuring gas path calibration
  • Fuel cell test benches
  • Mass flow controller test benches
  • Gas sensor test benches

Monitoring Stations & Mobile Stations

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