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North American Technical Services (NATS)

North American Technical Services (NATS) is a US Corporation with headquarters located in Middletown, CT. Our focus is providing advanced  technological innovations in radiation detection and analysis systems. For over a decade NATS has introduced cutting edge tools in nuclear power, research, environmental measurements, homeland security, radiation monitoring systems, radiation dosimetry, nuclear educational systems and health physics.

Using a network of over hundred professionals in the area of nuclear radiation detection and analysis  NATS today offers the widest range of products and services in the industry.  Given its diverse offerings NATS is able to offer multiple solutions objectively without bias towards a specific product allowing the Users to best select the appropriate system for the application.

Sales Distribution & Service Network

Working in over  40 countries NATS continues to bridge technology with up-to-date solutions in the areas of radiation detection. NATS currently maintains an exclusive sales distribution and service network via carefully selected partners in over 20 countries around the globe, including the Americas, Pacific Rim, Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia.

By employing a horizontal, well connected global resource network, NATS maintains a distinctive competitive edge in human resources. With offices and distribution networks located in key areas the specific needs are accommodated by a seamless worldwide network of knowledge and expertise.

NATS is committed to staying on top of technological innovations to meet your needs in the areas of our expertise and thus fulfilling our mission of bridging  technology.


Radiochemistry Lab Systems

Health Physics Solutions

Field Deployable Detectors

Alpha Beta Low Background Counting Systems

Border Monitoring

First Responder & Emergency Response Solutions

Electronic Dosimeter

CBRNE Solutions

Water Monitoring Solutions

Test & Measurement Instruments

Hazardous Material Detection & Analysis Solution

Environmental Radiation Monitoring

Education & Training

Medical Physics Solutions

Special Systems

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