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OFI Testing Equipment, Inc.

Since 1982, OFI Testing Equipment (OFITE) has manufactured instruments and reagents for testing drilling fluids, completion fluids, oil-well cements, core samples, and wastewater.


Our main goal is to provide innovative and dependable instruments using the latest technology, while providing the best customer service available anywhere. We strive to be an indispensable resource to our customers by truly understanding their business, responding quickly to their requests, and by becoming the recognized leader in instrument technology and service.

We’re experienced…

OFITE has been in business over 30 years. Many of OFITE’s engineers and technicians have been employed by other operators or service companies and have considerable experience in the field and laboratory environments.


All OFITE equipment is built to API specifications, where applicable. OFITE’s quality system is certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Full line of products…

OFITE offers a complete line of testing equipment and replacement parts for the oilfield service and related industries. Our products are engineered to provide reliability, ease of operation, and user-friendly maintenance to keep downtime to a minimum.

Products Range

OFITE offers a complete line of products for testing the physical and chemical properties of drilling fluids, cement, and reservoir cores. Choose a product line below to learn more.

Drilling Fluids

Drilling fluids product line includes innovative designs such as the Model 900 Viscometer, which showcases our ability to develop new technology to meet customer and industry demands. We also offer Retorts, Aging Cells, Roller Ovens, Mud Balances, Filter Presses, and all other instruments required to evaluate drilling fluid properties according to API Recommended Practice 13B-1 and 13B-2.

Cement Testing

Cement product line includes innovative designs such as the Static Gel Strength Measurement Device (SGSM) which showcases our ability to develop new technology to meet customer and industry demands. We also offer Ultrasonic Cement Analyzers (UCA), Constant Speed Blenders, Automated HTHP Consistometers, and all other instruments required to evaluate cement properties according to API Recommended Practice 10B-2.

Core Analysis

Our extensive line of Core Analysis products includes equipment for preparing core samples, routine testing, and advanced analysis. 


Rock Testing

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