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Test and measurement equipment for the future

Innovations in automotive testing, Internet of Things (IoT), data centers, power applications, and new high-speed digital standards are the growth engines of the electronic test and measurement equipment market for the next five years.

The next wave of growth has begun with the technologies making their way down the product lifecycle, from research and development to manufacturing and deployment. Greater complexity and technology convergence will spur demand across verticals, with the largest opportunities coming from communications, semiconductors and computing industries, and the fastest growth in industrial and automotive verticals.

Test and measurement equipment from the experts

The Tektronix family of instruments has been producing the most trusted oscilloscopes in the Test and Measurement industry for over 70 years and continues to set the standard with more U.S. patents on our oscilloscope probes than any other manufacturer. Whether challenged with EMI testing, PCIE Express, Tektronix is creating the test and measurement equipment allowing engineers to meet the measurement accuracy and reliability demand while addressing the specific requirements of these applications.



Tektronix: the world's standard in oscilloscopes. Compare instruments to find the right one for you.

Signal, Spectrum, and Modulation Analyzers

Components & Accessories

Probes and accessories for Tektronix & Keithley instruments. Plus Picosecond RF microwave components.

Signal Generators

The world's fastest and most versatile signal generators for today's complex signals.

Keithley Instruments & Products

DC test solutions for high-performance production testing, process monitoring, product development, and research.

Keithley Semiconductor Test Systems

Solutions to characterize semiconductor devices, materials & processes.

Keithley Switching and Data Acquisition Systems

Solutions for switching and measuring signals with exceptional accuracy.


Analysis packages for oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers; signal and waveform generation packages; and control software.

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